Research Interests: Commutative Algebra and Number Theory

Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen



Decompositions of Modules over Subalgebras of Truncated Polynomial Rings - Joint Mathematics Meeting 2022

Abstract: We investigate how modules decompose over principal subalgebras of certain truncated polynomial rings. In particular, we will investigate how a module decomposition may (or may not) change when we decompose over different principal subalgebras. Varying decompositions are related to the notion of rank varieties. Finally, we will examine how one might extend the notion of rank varieties to more general truncated polynomial rings.


Introduction to Continued Fractions (Lecture Notes)

In April 2018, I gave a talk over Continued Fractions to a group of my fellow graduate students at Sam Houston State University/ This was my project with Dr. Ken Smith for my Masters' degree. The notes that I used during this lecture are included in the link above. Continued fractions have many applications, including, but not limited to computing square roots, Pell's equation, representing irrational numbers and knot theory.

Dominance and Periodicity for the Difference Equation Un+1 = max{α-Un, β-Un-2} (Poster)

In August 2015, I participated in a summer undergraduate research program (SURP) at Texas Southern University (TSU). I worked with Drs. Willie Taylor and Roderick Holmes to prove that every real solution in the above difference equation is eventually periodic. We are still pushing to get it published. The link for the poster is provided above.

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Attended Conferences/Workshops


Joint Mathematics Meetings 2022 - Spring 2022 - Seattle, Washington

National Association of Mathematicians MATHFest - Fall 2021 - Virtual


Free Resolutions and Representation Theory (ICERM) - Fall 2020 - Virtual

Math Summer Workshop for Achieving Greater Graduate Education Readiness (Math SWAGGER) - Summer 2020 - Virtual

Southwest Local Algebra Meeting (SLAM) - Spring 2020 - New Orleans, LA

Southwest Local Algebra Meeting (SLAM) - Spring 2019 - El Paso, TX

Gulf States Math Alliance Conference - Spring 2019 - Arlington, TX

Field of Dreams Conference - Fall 2018 - St. Louis, Missouri

Field of Dreams Conference - Fall 2017 - St. Louis, Missouri